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You can get your new Alfa Romeo in some of the best shades of the 1970s


All pictures: Alfa Romeo

Just because car buyers seem to think so dull shades of gray The only proper paint to paint a car does not mean Alfa Romeo agrees with the trend. In fact, the new Stelvios and Giulias are outfitted in some of the best shades that are reminiscent of the 70s and I'm here for that.

You heard that right, friends. If you've ever wanted an Alpha in Visconti Green, Junior GT Ocher or Villa d´Este 6C Red (read: Forest Green, Gold and Red), 2020 will be your year. In fact, the brand introduced four different groups of varnishes, one of which is aptly named Old Timers – perfect shadows that will bring you back to shaded carpets in a pit-style lounge.

What are the other color groups, you ask? Well, it's Alpha press release has the answer:

There are four categories: Competitionwith obvious references to the sporting tradition of the brand; Metal, which emphasizes the dynamic soul of the brand; solid, for those seeking affordable value; and Old timer, which evokes and interprets the heritage of Alfa Romeo.

The "old timer" is certainly the least appealing name for all of these groups (and … leaves a lot to be desired only in general), but for starters, I'm pretty worried that Alpha really wants to point back to the good days, no matter what the name it was unfortunate.

I know we are it's all about green here on Jalopnik lately, but I have to say, my ocher is by far my favorite. There is nothing as classy as beautiful, handsome brown-gold that does not look like you are trying to praise your great fortune also obnoxiously. Retro is fun, and most of all it looks so damn great.

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