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25 best perspectives for less than 25 years

The list of the best players over the age of 25 this year was a little shaky at the very top of the emerging season.

Cody Bellinger took this group of storms. We knew it was good, but we did not know it was so good and we did not expect it to be on top of the list.

by 2019 they are 24 or younger, ie any player who has not yet reached 25 years on 1 July 2019.

1. Cody Bellinger (Age: 23): I did not see it coming – and I was very high in Bellinger as a prospect – I ranked him among the top five in the past year. What he did not expect was that Bellinger became a major contact attacker. I thought we would have passports, homer, ejection, elite defense at the beginning or very good defense in the center, but yes, ejection.

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He lowered his expulsion rate by almost half of 2017 to 2019 (so far). It also moved from almost automatic ejection to the left launcher (line .226 / .306 / .376 in 2018) to "Katy-bar-the-door" (taking precautionary measures) against the left (.355 / .460) / 720 this year). The man asks whether the World Series 2017 would play differently that Bellinger's version of this year was in the Los Angeles Dodgers.

2. Ronald Acuña Jr. (21): Atlanta allegedly would not have separated from Acuña last year in the store for Christiana Yelich, and although Yelich became a powerful super star, CEO Alex Anthopoulos has to feel good in that decision. Acuna, the largest in 2018, has already produced 6.7 fWARs in 190 career games, gradually taking on the central (as it should) Atlanta, and became disciplined on the board in his second year in the Main League

Fernando Tatis Jr. (20): Tatis, my first perspective this season, even surpassed my expectations for him with the WAR / 500 PA base, linked to the second place in Las Vegas by players aged 24 and under. He also has a BABIP (average stroke in the game) of .427, which will not last but already has solid results in improving his panel selectivity and is one of the youngest players on the list. years.

4. Carlos Correa (24): Correa should be at the top of the list, right? Old General Number 1, a former perspective among the first three, a player who has had 6 consecutive WARs 24 years ago … but he does not seem to be healthy, with 2019 as the third year in a row he will probably not qualify for the hit title .

Vlad Guerrero Jr. (20): The baby government's starting career was not what fans of Toronto Blue Jay expected. Do you remember unbelievable articles about the projection systems that make it the best player in the game? But he will be fine, and his ball bouncing data indicates that he is already good, only having some bad luck with the balls in the game and having too much to hit the ball on the ground. However, he was as expected in one area of ​​his game, showing that he was in third place worse than the defense average.

6. Gleyber Torres (22): Power was surprising to me, though with a MLB baseball that flies the way it does, I guess I'd be surprised when a good assailant does not connect more than 20 home races a year. Torres affects the average and hard, contact with the drive; Understands strike zone; He even played well while catching a shortstop by Didi Gregorius. I think he has more advantages in his OBP and will not be surprised if he becomes a hunter who attracts 75 passports per year and is still doing everything he does now.

7. Rafael Devers (22): Devers did not just hit with the average and some strength this year at age 22, but ranked 23rd among 78 US hitters in the precision rate. There is a power of 30 homera. All right, that does not mean what it means, but it has a great crunch power and barely scratched the surface. He also greatly improved the defense on the third base, and I claim, as I did before, that he can stay there.

8. Juan Soto (20): This is quite an arbitrary end point, but I am amazed to watch: from May 17, Soto strikes .380 / .453 / .643, with 17 walks and only 23 hits in 150 appearances on the board. Now he has 189 games in his career with .404 OBP, and I think he really does.

9. Walker Buehler (24): I do not think Buehler is a secret after last October, but this year he can hardly walk with some, only 13 free passports in 91 ⅓ changes, and two of them seem semi-intentional (one to fill base after a wild climb, one after a stolen base). In any case, this type of control with three issues above the average or more is not fair. If you can withstand the burden of a complete starter, you will win the Cy Young Award at some point.

10. Pete Alonso (24): Alonso is on the right track to hit 50 domestic races this year, which would be among the top three best starting places for beginners; Only two newcomers hit 40 homers in the season, Aaron Judge (52) and Mark McGwire (49). I suppose it's not a coincidence that they have done it all three years, but they are all the more powerful. Alonso would have been higher on this list if he was at the beginning an average defender, but he did not.

11. Shohei Ohtani (24): More than a year in Ohtani's MLB career, do we really know what it is? He has great power, runs well, and has been very effective in 10 shorter startups, enough to have a 6 WAR combination here, but he recovers from Tommy John's operation and is unlikely to progress until next year and still does not come full working hours. My friend Joe Sheehan commented on several occasions whether it would be better for angels in Los Angeles to get Obtain to do one thing, and I'm just asking the same time that we have some data that shows that he made some adjustments on the board to get more contacts.

12. Dominic Smith (24): When I said that Tatis was tied to the third place in the WAR / 500 board appearances, did you guess that the player he was tied to was Smith? The first team was featured in a very limited time, because it was not as if New York Mets could place Alonas when they turned twice a week, but I think that Smith had encouraged the team to get it and play regularly at the first base because it showed the discipline the meal is significantly improved and comes to power more often.

13. Lucas Giolito (24): It was a wicked trip to the star, but it seems that Giolito is here now, thanks to a shorter action with a hand that is easier to repeat, much better change and full health. He has gone from dropping strikes slightly more than 60% of the time in 2018 to 65.5% of the time this year.

14. Yoan Moncada (24): This is probably what Moncada will be, unless there is a big change in its swing – a very difficult contact in combination with a high precision step. He is the third in BABIP (the average kicking game in the game) this year, behind David Dahl (promoted by Coors Field) and Brandon Lowe, the reason why something is approaching … but probably not a tune, like when Moncada is turning Not too weak.

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The expected BABIP is derived from the StatCra for this year, according to MLB Baseball Savanta, and amounts to .383, close to its actual BABIP of .387. At what time Chicago White Sox bought Moncad, I wrote that he was "a poor second baseman with a positive hand that becomes a super-defensive defender in the third." After two years of bad defense in the second base, Moncada is now in the third, and for half a season it seems his home.

15. Ozzie Albies (22): Talk about Albies focused on an overly friendly contract for the team that signed it, but we need to talk more about how much it has improved on the board, working more counts, less of a throw in the area it can not handle, the more it contacts when it expands the zone. He's only 22 years old.

16. Carson Kelly (24): Kelly just had to play. Now that he gets that chance, he is fully exploiting it, putting the ball into play more than ever before, receiving the shipment and placing them well and making up to 36% of potential thieves. I think he's a disciplined attacker, but keep in mind that his average number of cards helped him win eighth place in Arizona for most seasons.

17. German Márquez (24): Marquez was the opener that is above the average and elite levels for almost the past year, experiencing success despite having no sustained change in speed, with the joints of the joints that are very difficult to compete even for left-wingers. I know that the Colorado Rockies will enter the play-off race; but if they have a heavy July, maybe they can get a precious worthy king in exchange for Marquez, who would be the best available starter and have three years under the team's control before qualifying for a free agency.

18. Chris Paddack (23): Paddack showed dominance at the plus level in the direction of up to 97 miles per hour and a devastating change in speed, probably with a score of 70, and I could convince it that this small number is certainly enough to qualify for the launch acceptable. His outstanding achievement was helped by the Heavenly pitcher stadium; however, he has a lot of quality and I think he can become the starter of any other rotation without the significant improvement of the third throw due to the exceptional nature of his change.

19. Mike Soroka (21): If he remains healthy, Soroka is the best junior pitcher for 24 years in all baseballs (which makes Buehler and Giolito out of the competition). There is an incredible straight line with two seams that can lead to balls on the ground and life that made this throw even more difficult for the right-handers. Unfortunately, it seems to me that I could not stay healthy: he has been missing two long periods in the last few years due to anxiety in the shoulders and is currently under "everyday" status due to tension in the forearm.

20. Adalberto Mondesi (23): I think this is a very positive picture or that Mondesi can become a player: defensive at the plus level, plus-plus speed, added value as a base runner, there is not much power and high BABIP because his speed helps to create several hits per year. Simply, it is not a disciplined batsman and never was.

21. Nick Senzel (23): Senzela's debts were noticeably postponed due to injury and have so far shown solidly on the board, ponchándose a bit more than expected; however, with great strength, given the kind of impact. He was a little below average in the central field and several times I said that this position loses its defensive capabilities in the box; however, at least it is at the same level per day.

22. Andrew Benintendi (24): Benintendi qualifies for this list for only five days; July 6 will fill up for 25 years. He was a good player; however, I expected to see the size on their side and I think the Boston Red Sox also when they chose the Golden Pole winner at the seventh place in the blueprint for 2015. It should show greater power in the past year and a half; makes a strong contact and puts the ball into the air. However, Benintendi has more than 40 doubles that it is 20 homers; although these days everyone is like a sluger with 20 homera. He is still a passionate bow that repeatedly puts the ball into the game and adds value to the defense, which is why I am the last time involved in the revelation of the rebels I still see in him in the near future.

23. Eloy Jiménez (22): Even with 22 years of injuries this year, Jiménez is still a projection, not a concrete production, and power is the only part of his game that has been able to move to his first half of the season. He has always been a disciplined attacker in small leagues and will eventually be again; however, his defense might be below average, perhaps enough to put him in second place. I still believe he will end up with OBP far above the .300 and more than 30 domestic runs, which will make him play in any position.

24th Austin Meadows (24): Meadows, one of the players who returned to Tampa Bay at Chrisa Archer's shop, Meadows had an excellent start to the season this year and seems to finally use his strength and stature to come to power after two years of injuries and swing who reduced that power and ended by joining the ground balls. Although the production we saw in the Meadows section during April and May (.354 / .431 / .673, 12 HR) is unsustainable, the version we have so far seen in June (.209 / .277 / .326, 0 HR of 28 May) seems to go too far to the opposite side. I think it will be a regular player over the average for a while, increasing the speed if he uses his power more often.

25. Jack Flaherty (23): Until now, Flaherty was more complex for 2019, although it was part of the specific line (he was more vulnerable to home-travel far beyond what could be expected from a jug in his profile) and partly to lasting problems. (Enables stronger contact and more lines). He is a man of dominance who has lost control but has kept his pure repertoire intact and younger than most major leagues: over the past year, only two more pies with the maximum age of 23 were released more. episodes that Flaherty and Márquez and Giolito are on that list. I think Flaherty will return to his level in 2018 and he will calm down as a starter in the middle rotation positions for a good run.

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