Thursday , September 19 2019
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5 cell phones from Huawei and Honor, who remained at an absurd price

A few hours ago we knew big news for Huawei. Trump administration issued a veto over weeks ago with Huawei. This veto was extremely painful for the company, which had all its success in consumer divisions, drastically reducing sales forecasts for Huawei mobile phones.

Huawei has made a major awareness raising campaign, recalling countless times that their current phones will continue to work perfectly. However, the lack of confidence in the market caused many of these phones to reduce the prices of some phones.

Do you want a good, nice and inexpensive mobile phone? Hurry because these low prices are likely to come back, Ovi Huawei and Honor mobile phones are at a ridiculous price and are practically high. We will order them at a price from the lowest to the most.

Cheap Huawei and Honor Phones: Honest Playing

An honorable game

One of the most important releases last year was the Pocophone F1, a mobile phone that has left many aspects to offer performance and battery. Honor wanted to create a rival to fulfill this Honor Play, and although it did not reach the performance or battery of the Xiaomi cell phone, he was able to make up for it, including NFC connectivity and a wonderful metal design.