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5 reasons why Florida is the most dangerous state in the United States

Florida is qualified as the third most dangerous state in the United States 2019, according to the new WalletHub. Only Louisiana and Mississippi are classified as the most aggressive.

By Miami Daily Newspaper

It seems to be the most dangerous situation in the union. And this is not a special point of pride, but a combination of reputation and deeds. Here is a look at five dangers that are uniquely experienced in Florida.

First Waiting for a queue at the supermarket, waiting to pick someone at school, or just standing in the school canteen doing their job. In all these cases, a pistol was accidentally fired.

In the last few months, the titles of accidental shootout on Florida They appeared on news sites. Some have caused injury or death, such as, for example, A builder who was accidentally killed by his friend while working on the roof at Riverview.

Federal data show a fixed rate for accidental shootings across the country, while Florida has increased the number of people injured in random shootings. 82 percent between 2007 and 2017.

Second Mother Nature will constantly try to hurt you.

Factor of The Florida climate can not be underestimatedNot only can you cross from the sunshine to the winds that knock your house in a few seconds, but it can also be a risk only for the survival of the heat.

Recent high temperature warnings have predictors that they say it is not safe to go afternoon. Leaving the house is dangerous in Florida and you do not have to do anything, just go home.

From begging to the keys, Florida can experience almost all kinds of important weather events.

In recent years, the state has experienced a number of major hurricanes. 2018th Hurricane Michael came in as the 5th category, which makes it the most powerful in the US by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, who was also in Florida.

Third Alligators, panthers and snakes.

Wildlife in The state of the sun is extremely wild, You can see the aligator while walking through any neighborhood, or while having a picnic on the lake. And although it is rare, Florida is leading the nation in fatal aligator encounters, and aligators are on the rise. One night ago, he went to the house of a 77-year-old lady in Clearwater.


4th Whether on a bike, on foot or by car, the roads can be quite dangerous.

eight Florida cities are the 10 deadliest places to stroll in the United States, according to Smart Growth America. Florida was ranked in the top 20 countries with the most aggressive drivers.

5th A man from Florida.

And, of course, there is also a "man from Florida", whose reputation shines in the country as a laughing place with a series of jokes and teasing. "Florida man …" is the ubiquitous and striking beginning of what is almost certainly a strange and dignified story of the real crime.

The image result for The Florida Man

They will even have their TV show. TV Oxygen has recently announced a television program that will tell stories about the crimes of men in Florida who represent "the most uncanny, scandalous and clever killers of the United States in the state of the sun," the statement said.

When the murder is so weird, the reason so crazy and the crime so extravagant that it sounds like something from a Hollywood screenplay, it is very likely that it was committed by "Florida Man," he writes in the description of the program.

With information from the Tampa Bay Times

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