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A man marching with his daughter's ashtray in his arms

April 7, 2019 at 11:38 pm
Last Updated on April 7, 2019 at 12:28 pm

Each time a prominent president, Juan Guado, calls a demonstration, citizen Gonzalo Alvarado crosses the town to show the Venezuelan flag in one hand, and the other holds a wooden box with a daughter's ashes.

Francesca had lived alone for five hours and died because of the lack of medical supplies in the hospital where she was born. Two years ago Alvarado had lost his daughter and always remembered the inconveniences that had happened that day.

"First, there was no emergency anesthesiologist; second, the babe had no scalpel to perform the Imperial cut; thirdly, there were no neonatologists to move to the capital, and the fourth, ambulatory wagons did not serve because of the lack of brakes. at a price I could not pay at that time, "he told France24.

When he wants to show, his request is always the same: to allow humanitarian aid to enter the country to prevent future deaths. "You have to go to march, people who do not come out do not feel love for the land, they do not want their welfare," he said.

Alvarado believes that "death is simply spreading" in Venezuela, which is why the humanitarian corridor is key.

"We need this urgent help, no matter who, who sends it, and can not continue this hatred for what it is doing, to deny income and help, it is important to recognize the help," he said.

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