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Adamari López dazzles when Luis Fonsi's wife appears

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  • Águeda López appeared in Awake America and opened his heart for the morning
  • Just when it happened, Adamari López did the unthinkable in "The New Day"
  • Controversy in the comments soon emerged

Agueda López, Louis Fonsi's wife, opened her heart in front of the cameras & # 39; Wake up America & # 39; just as Adamari López made it unthinkable in the & # 39; New Day & # 39 ;.

Águeda López recounted in detail how it arrived in the United States 9 years ago and that it ended up next to Luis Fonsi because of its fate.

The Spanish model was willing to become a model icon and be the runway queen.

"I have arrived with many dreams, with many illusions. With two shorts and two shirts, "said Luis Fonsi's wife.

He was later questioned if he would one day marry a superstar like a singer.

"No, but I imagined that I was always happy with the marriage I had. I always imagined I had a family, I created a home and created it firmly," said the Spaniard.

He also made it clear that he didn't care at the time to marry a superstar or someone out of the middle.

Asked about what he had to leave when he married a translator, Águeda López said, "I don't know if I had to give up something because I was Luis Fonsi's wife or I had to give up something because I was in my husband's country."

And with tears in her eyes, the Spanish model acknowledged, "I miss my parents very much, they are older and I feel that burden and have always been for me," and added, "I can't be 100 percent with them," in the middle of crying.

"I miss the love only a mother can provide," said Luis Fonsi's wife, remembering the Spanish city where he was born.

This somewhat unknown aspect of Águeda López has caused great controversy in the networks, with the video reaching over 150,000 plays.

Compliments soon emerged.

"What a beautiful woman," "great thing," "beautiful," "I even cried about her missing her parents," "how beautiful," "beautiful, intelligent, kind, and elegant," "what a woman's beauty. being human, beautiful and inside, "" spectacular, "could be read.

However, Adamari López soon appeared in the conversation.

"Another one steals husbands," "how beautiful the story is, but Adamari López herself said that he (Luis Fonsi) was unfaithful to her, that she packed and unpacked her bags every time, and that she understood the things she found, like a rainbow blond hair, etc. Adamari is a lady with a career and impeccable demeanor throughout her career.

The aforementioned triggered controversy with responses of all kinds, beginning with the defense against Louis Fonsi's current wife.

"No one steals a husband. What a phrase more than a grandmother. He no longer loved his wife and fell in love with another, why go on? This can happen to anyone," they began writing.

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