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Almost $ 1.5 million is distributed to clubs and players in the Caribbean

The Caribbean champion gets a $ 108,000 bonus and $ 72,000 for the second place

CARACAS About a million and a half dollars must have Confederation of Caribbean Baseball distributed between six teams and 168 players who will animate from February 4, the 61st edition of the Caribbean Series, to be held at the National Rod Carew Stadium in Panama.

Although Commissioner Juan Francisco Puello Herrera did not publish official information, it was reported yesterday that there are differences with the Confederation of Caribbean Baseball Players (Conpeproca) because, in the event of an emergency presented by the change of Barqusimeto in Panama, it is likely to reduce the player bonuses.

Traditionally, each of the teams participating in the classic contest receives $ 195,000 for the competition, the two finalists are divided into $ 180,000 ($ 108,000 for the Champions and $ 72 for the second-placed), in the diary they pay $ 90 a day, a figure that reaches nearly $ 100,000 tournament, and the rest for single champions.

TV contributes resources

Juan Francisco Puello Herrera has been in the Confederation of Professional Baseball Leagues in the Caribbean for almost three decades, and thanks to this huge profession, he has got the formula for getting the economic resources that keep the tournament alive. The sale of television broadcasting rights to international channels enabled implementation of expansion projects that could include Asian teams in a short time.

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