Wednesday , February 24 2021

Antonio Díaz will play bronze in World Karate

Mirandino, who will face Turkish Ali Sofuoglu in third place, fell into the semi-finals against Spanish Damian Quintero, the second in the world rankings

AVN | CARACAS The double world champion Antonio Díaz this Saturday, November 10, will play a bronze medal at the World Karate Championship held in Madrid, Spain.

Mirandino, who will face third-placed Turkey's Ali Sofuoglu, crashed into the semi-finals against Spain's Damian Quinter, the second in the world rankings, with a score of 5-0. In relation to the fight, Diaz showed that he felt happy because "she knew it was a pretty difficult competition".

"I have another opportunity to stand on the podium and we have to focus on that," Diaz said that competing for the World Cup medal will enable him to win points for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

"This is my last World Championship, the last one before the Olympic Games. Being among those who challenge the medal will help me to get in the line," he said in a statement to the Venezuelan Karate Alliance.

If he wins, Criollo will repeat the bronze he won at the World Cup 2016. The Venezuelan athlete has eight medals at the World Karate Championship, divided into five bronze medals, two gold medals and one silver medal.

Venezuelans in the competition

In kumite, Venezuelans Omaira Molina, Freddy Valera and Marianth Cuervo will see action on Tuesday in the 68 kg, -84 kg and -68 kg categories.

The National Delegation is filled by Andrés Mader, the world's # 13 world-67 kilograms; Genesis Navarrete, Jhosepd Ortuño, Jovanni Martínez and Claudymar Garcés.

The Karate World Championship will be attending more than 1,300 karate out of 100 countries. The competition will last for six days, and medal conflicts will take place on Saturday 10 and Sunday, November 11, in the floor, kumite and para-karate.

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