Saturday , September 18 2021

April free games on PS Plus, Xbox Gold, Epic Games, Prime Gaming and Stadia Pro

Welcome April And with the new moon, new free games are also coming to major platforms thanks to their subscription services: members PS More on PS5 and PS4, those of Xbox Live Gold on Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One and on PC via Epic Games Store, Prime Gaming and Stadia Pro They will be able to get new free titles during this April 2021. Below you can see the full selection free games which can be requested during the month.

Free games with PS Plus in April 2021

The Spanish PlayStation has already announced which games it will be PS4 and PS5 to which members subscribed PS More They can be downloaded for free this April. A total of four titles are included in this series, one specific to the new generation console and the rest to the current generation, although they are backwards compatible on the PS5. Below you can see a complete list of PS Plus games that can be obtained at zero cost from April 6 to May 3:

With these games, it should be borne in mind that the PlayStation has updated its initiative Play at home 2021 offer nine free games for PS4 and PS5 players no subscription required. They are independent titles and titles in virtual reality that are redeemed through the PS Store and stored forever in the library completely free of charge. You can see complete list here:

Free games with Xbox Live Gold in April 2021

The Xbox has also announced what Gold Games April 2021, a series of titles that members subscribed to Xbox Live Gold can use, receive and keep for free in their libraries as long as they keep their membership active to play on both the Xbox X / S series and the Xbox One. You can see the list below four sets that can be requested during this month:

So much A dark void What Hard Corps: Uprising can also be obtained for Xbox 360, since these are titles originally published for this platform which, in addition, can be played on later consoles thanks to backward compatibility.

All of these games are available for free on certain dates to subscribers of Xbox Live Gold, the company’s online gambling program. This subscription is built into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so if you said membership, you have the right to exchange and keep them in your libraries.

Epic Games Store: Free PC games every week in April

Epic Games Store actively maintains its weekly promotion by giving PC games to all its members without the need for a paid subscription. Anyone with an account can access the claim to them free games every Thursday at 5 p.m. (Spanish Peninsula Time). Just the title available today, A creature in a well, you can claim this time until today, although it will later be replaced with Stories of the neon sea, which can be obtained at zero cost Until April 8.

In addition to these free weekly games, we can also find in the Epic Games Store wide selection of titles at zero cost, so much free games as works offered free of charge: Life is mud,, Crete,, 3 of 10,, SpellForce 3: Versus Edition,, Delores: A mini-adventure in Thimbleweed Park ON Diabotic are some of them.

New free games for Prime Gaming members in April

Prime Gaming, formerly known as Twitch Prime, is a subscription integrated into Amazon Prime. Thanks to it, we can also get advantages in multiplayer games and free computer games. Although Prime Gaming still has a few days to release its playlists at no cost in April, as of today you can still get some games that were already available from the previous month. They are as follows:

Stadia Pro: four new free games in April

Stage, Google’s cloud gaming service, also offers its subscribers free games per month through Stadia Pro. This time brings us a free selection of video games from April 2021 four new titles which can be added to the playback library whenever you want until they leave the catalog or until our subscription expires. They are as follows:

April 2021. Free games at Stadia Pro.

Stadia is a free access platform because it allows you to purchase games from its digital store to enjoy them through the cloud, while trying out other free ones like Destiny 2. Stadia Pro is a paid version that provides access to free monthly titles for 9.99 per month of this program, in addition streaming on 4K, 5.1 sound and discounts on game purchases. This subscription premium you can try it for free for a month here.

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