Saturday , June 19 2021

Argentina vs. Venezuela for South American Sub 20 Maculino de Futsal

For semifinals South American Men Futsal 2018. Venezuela You will see faces from 19:00 Peruvian time (00:00 GMT GMT) Argentina, in a promising duel with respect to sabbath. An amazing "vinotinth" box that wants to take its first cup in this tournament mode, while "albicelestes" will try to repeat the "panel" & # 39; last year and crown in style.

Venezuela has just managed to beat the Peruvian team for 3-0. Shock where "Bicolor" could never make the game and was very cut in the lateral spaces. A detail that seems to have taken the opponent's turn in the past and that he knew from there how to generate major dangers.

Thus came the first player, in the hands of Teran who took the main defense mark and defines the cross before the national goalkeeper's rapid exit. This left many doubts in the home team that had full possession of the ball until then.

However, the bad news would not end because, in the absence of the first half, Peru had exhausted two sentences in which equality could be. However, unfortunately, the Venezuelan goalkeeper demanded the maximum and could be drowned again by the goal scream.

For the second part, the Venezuelans will continue with a smile thanks to Josué Rodríguez, who scored 26 seconds in the match. This has prompted the Peruvian national team to improve their lines to find a discount, but before closing the defense, he could not. Finally it would be the same Rodriguez who would close the score

While Argentina was surprised by the huge Brazil, which, without interruption, won 5-2. So many serious portions of the image & # 39; albiceleste & # 39; will be in charge of Nicolás Rosa and Leandro Altamirano. Nevertheless, the & # 39; gauchos & # 39; they are trained for the semifinals of this youth tournament that is developing in Lime.

It should be noted that the South American men Futsal Sub 20 take place in Peru, with the following competitions to be held in 2019. Also, Argentina included Group A with Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador.

Meanwhile, Venezuela ended B with Peru, Paraguay, Chile and Bolivia.

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