Monday , May 17 2021

Bale lost the record at Bernabé: he blew in the third minute and fought at 5 & # 39;

MARCA.COM | Pthat Bernabeu she's with nails bundle It's not a secret, but it's getting worse. The situation with the Witnesses is very sensitive and the season will be very long at home, because in the center of attention is a white hobby that has less and less patience with it.

Actually, before Eibar. bundle has recorded a record in Bernabeu: whistled in the third minute of the game, and in the fifth he played an amazing fight after losing his head against Dmitrov, an action canceled out of the play.

It was minutes 2 with 59 seconds when Bale had a ball between his legs, Poor control after bad transition Valverde that Bernabeu He did not miss it. The first failure of Velence and the first whistle of fans. Applause Zidane in the technical area to encourage players and reduce the failure.

Two minutes later, whistles became a quarrel when Bale had fallen. Bernabeu He punished him for the second time in just five minutes of the game. And again Zidane welcomed the band, But the situation with bundle This is complicated and very difficult to correct at this time. She is at the center of attention and every mistake takes her toll.

Actually, after a few minutes of rejection, in the 28th galloping Velchan who ended up with scratched shooting and again very deviant, he caused the anger of the audience, which again whistled.This time they were Zidane and Odriozola those who have pleaded with the Wise Men to make him happy.

Already in the change there was no doubt. The main forum resumed and Veljanin went to the bench knowing that the public was Bernabeu He is not with him

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