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Benefits of Walking


Walking helps improve active and healthy lifestyle, with the benefit of the body, helps to prevent respiratory heart disease and reduces the risk of cancer.

This was announced by medical specialists through Carlos Benita Armente Hernández, who stated that walking not only favors physical health but also psychological health, reducing the risk of depression, stress and insomnia, a condition that in some cases tends to be resolved during exercise.

Armenta Hernández recommended exercising at least three to five times a week, with a correct intensity and a changeable duration of 15 to 60 minutes; work in the morning or even afternoon when the weather is cold and there is not so much sunshine to avoid dehydration and sunburn, or do it indoors.

He said he had been shown to lose body weight at the walk, to activate and strengthen the cardiovascular system and joints; improves lung capacity and cognitive function; reduces the risk of complications in small cerebral vessels, which reduces the possibility of dementia in elderly people.

The expert pointed out that walking is beneficial to all body organs as it stimulates circulation, improves oxygen transmission capacity in the lungs, strengthens breathing muscles; improves the power and efficiency of heart impulses to send more blood to the entire body.

He emphasized that, prior to the start of any exercise program, including walking, recommends a medical examination, mainly if the person is sedentary or obese; if you have risk factors for heart disease, blood pressure or diabetes.

He said the exercise should be systematic, start gradually to avoid injuries; perform stretching before and after the end of the walk so that the muscular structure, flexibility and level of tension of each person adjusts the exercises.

Dr. Armenta Hernandez has said that any stretch, flexion or muscular tension is different in each person so that you need to follow a gradual progression program from lower to higher intensity so as not to create so much stress on your joints and avoid injuries.

It is suggested that a person maintains a vertical position with upright shoulders, upright head, flat back and flat belly. The toes should point forward and hang hands on your hips. Take the footsteps at the foot of the foot in a natural and comfortable way. You should keep deep breath, inhaling your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

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