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BitPay, Shapeshift and Purses Announce Bifurcation of Bitcoin Cash CriptoNoticias

The Bitcoin Cash Network (BCH) will have a strong jaw on this November 15th. Given the existence of two incompatible proposals that will lead to the creation of two different chains, several companies providing services to BCH users have announced their views on which of the two options they will support and how they will deal with it. process.

This is the case of a BitPay payment service provider, which was published on an official blog will support the chain following the protocol suggested by Bitcoin ABC developersIn addition, BitPay added that the platform does not plan to include support for any other Bitcoin Cash bifurcation proposal. On the other hand, reception and delivery services of the BCH will be suspended from hours before the stubborn start. BitPay points out that these services will only be resumed when you confirm the network security levels.

Bitcoin-like position was taken over by the virtual store, which will not support Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV) bifurcation. Virtual stores, like other services they offer, will only support Bitcoin ABC 18.2 and Bitcoin Unlimited 15.0.0, according to an official statement.

Also, the platform, which allows Amazon to purchase with crypto currencies, announced temporary suspension of deposits and sending transactions with BCH from November 15 at 8:00 pm. According to an official statement, transactions will be returned when the jaw is completed. confirms that it complies with the guidelines, supporting the proposal for Bitcoin Cash ABC.

ShapeShift also talked about hardfork. The payment service company found that the BCH stores would be deactivated on the platform 24 hours before the start of bifurcation and will remain inactive until 48 hours have passed. However, the company led by Erik Voorhees did not determine which chain would support or enable the BCH and BSV service.

The Rocketr payment service declared its account in Zagreb twitter. which will support the longest chain in Bitcoin Cash's forkIn his opinion, "it makes no sense" to support SV if the community supports ABC and vice versa. According to, "Be SV or ABC", payment processor users will have to wait for the network to stabilize after hardfork to find out the position of this service.

Finally, among the applications supported by BCH SV support platform, the platform is a free FiveBucks workshop. This company, which previously expressed its support for the BCH ABC proposal, has changed its mind and explains via Twitter, his disagreement with one of the advocates of BCH ABC,, qualifying as an "anti-bitcoin scam".

Declarations of some services are still ongoing, however, ecosystem companies such as CoinText, which support bifurcation BCH ABC, have expressed concerns about the actions and threats that have been undertaken by the main promoters of BSV. CoinText confirms that these behaviors and responses they receive can create a climate of instability in the network that has never seen before in 10 years of Bitcoin.

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