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Bolivian women talk about proposals for the Homeland Plan

Through several working groups, women eleven districts of that entity Discuss this week's various suggestions to be presented President Nicolás Maduro for its embedding in Homeland plan.

This was reported by the state director of the Ministry for Women's Popular Power, Ornella Arbeláez, who noted that more than a hundred leaders from several municipalities participated in the first day of these workshops, whose first meeting was held at Cachamay Total Entertainment Center (CTE-Cachamay) Ciudad Guayani.

"During the closing II Venezuelan Women's Congress recently made, President Nicolás Maduro asked us to make proposals within 30 days in all regions to include them in the country's plan, "Arbeláez recalled.

For this purpose, 9 thematic tables were set up to discuss various aspects of the country's social, educational, political, cultural and economic development, with emphasis on women's participation in the growth and consolidation of the homeland.

"We have suggestions for consolidating gender equality with socialist values, guaranteeing and respecting the rights of all, including social diversity," Arbeláez said, pointing out that women's Bolivian revolution has become visible and today they enjoy participating in decision-making at all levels.

He added that the first day of work was attended by women of all age groups, occupations and socio-economic activities from the municipalities of Caroní (Ciudad Guayana), Piar (Upata), Roscio (Guasipati), Pedro Chien (El Palmar), El Callao. Callao) Sifontes (Tumeremo) and Gran Sabana (Santa Elena de Uairén).

The next Friday will be the continuation of working tables with the participation of women from Heres (Ciudad Bolívar), Angostura (Ciudad Piar), Sucre (Maripa) and Cedeño (Caicara del Orinoco).

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