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Capture a spectacular image of Venus planet from the island

The photo taken this week from Aguadille shows in detail the neighboring Planet Venus. It is the planet that shines brightest from the Earth's perspective.

"The Venus looks spectacularly early in the morning, and just before dawn on Thursday it looks even more striking in keeping with the declining Moon as well as the Jupiter planets," says the Caribbean astronomical society.

The educational institution has noticed that the beautiful heavenly view can best be appreciated between 4 and 30 hours. and 6:00 PM

Efraín Morales, one of the prominent SAC astrophysics, captured Venus's picture, which even looks at some details of the atmosphere of the neighboring planet.

The SAC explained that Venus is looking at the phases, similar to those shown by the Moon, because we see that the planet is illuminated on the one hand because it is a planet that is somewhat closer to the Sun. planet like Jupiter, his place beyond our orbit allows us to see his sphere fully illuminated, "added the organization.

At the extraordinary brilliance of Venus, the SAC explained that this is mainly because its atmosphere contains dense clouds of sulfuric acid, and in combination with its relative proximity to the Sun causes it to be a planet very imaginary and bright. "It's also the biggest planet is about on Earth, "the educational entity said.

He said that although he was about 54 million km (33.5 million miles) away from our planet, Venus is currently 80 million miles (129 million km) from Earth.

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