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Cardinals from Lare arming their list in Panama

Juan Apodaca, Niuman Romero, Wilfredo Ledezma, Yohan Pino and Wilfredo Boscán appear among the names to boost the team

CARACAS.- Lara, Cardinals, the strong champion of 2018-19, started the first moves overlooking Panama where the 61st edition of the Caribbean series will be played; and five days after the new challenge, names emerged that protected the list.

The season in which red birds were the most consistent team in LVBP, allowed them to go with a solid base for the Caribbean Series, where a bit like Alejandro De Aze confirmed it would be a starting point in the fighting to add a new title.

However, Larense's general manager Carlos Miguel Oropez is still working on providing the list depth and putting the best weapon available to the manager José Moreno.

During the El Infield radio program, Oropeza said he was in talks with Eliza Diaz and Juan Apodaca if Arcia failed to travel to Panama. In addition, he received a call from the director of the East tribe Samuel Moscatel, where he assured René Reyes, Niuman Romero and Wilfredo Ledezma to be available if asked by the crepuscular team.

With the strongest throwing season, Lara Cardinals will have to make little adjustments to cover the losses in the last minute. That is why the Barquisimetan team asked questions about the possibility of adding Wilfred Boscan and Yohan Pina teams.

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