Sunday , May 9 2021

Carrasco drove twelve and won 80th place

Williams Astudillo and Freddy Galvis took him on Saturday

RAFAEL VIELMA | CARACAS.- Carlos Carrasco he dumped twelve in only five acts, leading them Indians in Cleveland 7-2 Toronto Tiles, achieving the passing of his first campaign victory and eighty for life in the big tent.

Carrasco (1-1, 7,71) this time allowed six hits (three doubles and solo homer of Freddy Galvis) for two dashes and only one passport.
Except for K-tens, the other outputs he was carrying were one bullet and two flies. Of the 90 deliveries, 61 was in strike.

For Canadian birds, Freddy Galvis as the first bat was 5-2 with the goal scored, his sixth lead and the third home run in the season without short-stack mistakes.

he has lost Thomas Pannone (0-2), which is in 2.2. He got five hits for pure strikes with six fans and a couple of cards.
"Turtle– He took first

Williams Astudillo he barely left 4-1, but his tie was the first lap of the campaign Minnesota Twins will exceed 6-2 a Phillies from Philadelphia.

"Turtle"(.500), while gently surpassing Anzoatiguense, disappeared into the opener Jake Arrieta with two outages and no people based on the third. Previously I took it Max Kepler with one on the base for the winners 3-0

Astudillo scored, dragged (4) and took the map, playing this time as a receiver. For twins, Ehire Adrianza (.100) from 3-0 and scored. from phillies. Odúbel Herrera (.333) of 3-1 and the push (2); César Hernández (.200) of 4-0; and José Alvarez (13.50) in two thirds gave only a ticket.

Cervelli has achieved one of the victories

Francisco Cervelli was hit by two Kevin Newman in the tenth act because of the first note of hair with whom Pirates from Pittsburgh left on field 6-5 a Cincinnati Reds, gets third victory.

Once in the tenth, Cervelli (.250) is unstoppable before the relay Raisel Iglesias (0-2). Newman He linked the first field he had seen from Cuba to the center of the field PNC park, i Cervelli He went home without any interruption. It was the first goal that ended the match in the race Newman.

And he won the relay Francisco Liriano (1-0). For the youngest, Eugenio Suárez (.217) of 1-0; and José Peraza (.192) from 4-0.

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