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Climatic changes can cause heart damage during pregnancy

Future climate change impacts the relevant scientific community. Previously reported on the expected effects, such as drought, unpredictable time and spread of the disease. On the other hand, some effects are not so obvious and yet studied. An example of this is the effect on people's reproduction or the case of allergy. But apart from possible ecological disasters, there is also a relationship between damages during pregnancy and extreme temperatures. especially, Congenital Heart Failure (DCC), The subject is of interest. Since climate change is expected to bring long-lasting hot waves in several areas.

Since today, congenital heart defect is one of the leading causes of infant deaths in countries such as the United States., From 2025 to 2035, an increase in cases is expected.

Congenital heart defect

In general, congenital heart defect this is a heart failure before birthIn some cases, failure does not cause major problems. In fact, those who suffer can reach maturity without major complications and require no treatment. On the other hand, some cases require surgery and even heart transplants. Evil affects approximately between 8% and 10% of births.

The medical expert can detect the problem by physical examination. If a newborn shows signs of rapid breathing, cyanosis (blue tone) and circulation problems, there is probably a serious deficiency. In other cases, DCC does not cause any symptoms and the diagnosis is set years later.

Today's techniques and symptoms that are so labeled, It is common for serious cases to be detected in timeeven before birth.

High temperatures and birth defects

In previous studies, the relationship between high temperatures and Congenital defects in animals, Research has shown that there is intense heat during the early stages of pregnancy This can cause fetal cell death, or even malformation. Despite animal studies, there is not much information about the impact on humans. However, the likelihood that people will see a similar effect is high.

The highest risk levels are the first according to the study. From the third to the eighth of the pregnancy there is a greater risk. And with statistics showing population growth and temperature. A significant increase in case of birth defects is expected.

Only in the United States is expected to be endangered by 4.2 million pregnant by 2030.

It is time to become aware of it

The article was released a few days ago, and is consistent with the winter storms hit by the United States. Today they are live some of the effects of climate changeWhat, together with the studies that came out, is a clear warning. From the facts not only affects climate but also human health in a direct and different way.

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