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Colossal battle of dwarf galaxies in the universe

Sydney, Australia. – Star Wars? Not! This is not about the movie scene of science fiction, a a colossal struggle between two galaxies These are discovered by astronomers. It's about Small and Great Magellanic Clouds, two dwarf galaxies that are close to our Milky Way, but it is not just that, something will be extremely bad for them.

A group of astronomers, with the help of the dark energy camera of the Blanco telescope – located in Chile – watched a violent conflict for the first time in detail. According to a study published on Thursday, November 8, a "brutal fight" will cause the disappearance of one of them.

Astronomers have discovered clashes between the Magellan galaxy. Photo: Pixabay

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Experts have created a very weak star map of the outer edges of the cloud, which reveals that the distribution of stars of various ages in the small cloud had an unpleasant encounter with the Great Cloud for billions of years.

A large Magellan cloud hits a small companion, says Dougal Mackey, a researcher at Australian National University (ANU) who participated in this study.

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According to Mackey, in the ANU statement, it is apparent that the outer portions of the small cloud are "very elongated" at both ends.

Astronomers have discovered clashes between the Magellan galaxy. Photo: Pixabay

The scientist points out that the Great Magelan Cloud has not fled from the conflict and shows deformities and "large distortions" in its surroundings.

This fight is very similar to what David and Goliath could have if the boy was not so happy with the shooting he had made with his ring, he said.

The dairy journey could end up consuming the Magellanic clouds in the fight

Astronomers believe that the Magellanic clouds will eventually be destroyed by the Milky Way, although it is unknown how long they have before they disappear.

Researchers have also studied in detail how far the youngest stars in the Magallanes Stream, between Little and Great Oblates, known as the Magelan Bridge.

They also discovered a small unknown galaxy called Hydra I, which is located between both clouds.

This galaxy is part of a class known as the ultra-dim dwarfs, whose existence was discovered only ten years ago. They are exceptionally low light dwarf galaxies and can still have a lot of dark matter, he said.

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