Friday , March 5 2021

Corpoelec will cease service this Sunday at the Camoruco substation in Valencia

In line with the policies of the Bolivian government, next Sunday, November 11, CORPOELEC will advance and preventive maintenance on the Camoruco sub-station in the municipality of Valencia in the state of Carabobo.

For execution of these works scheduled interruption of 8:30 am. at 12:30 on Rojas Queipo street, Urbanizations Camoruco: Lopez Latouche street, 136 streets between 101 and 104 avenues, Prebo 1: 130 to 137 streets between 106 and 105 trails, Vineyard: Avenue Carlos Sanda between 106 and 107, main Put La Viña, El Viñedo: between Carlos Sanda Avenue and Monseñor Adams with 106 and 101 Trails, Lalin Mall and Embassy Suites Hotel.

CORPOELEC is grateful to customers for their understanding and call for registration via the site to inform them in time for maintenance or malfunctions occurring in their area.

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