Covax confirms the delivery of the vaccine to the country for 6.2 million people

It will deliver a total of vaccines to 6.2 million Venezuelans Covax state, the President of the Republic informed, Nicolas Maduro.

“The Covax mechanism has already confirmed that it will be delivered to Venezuela vaccines for 6.2 million people they have established a schedule, they have already paid for the vaccine, and in the next few days a series of vaccines will arrive in Venezuela, ”the president said.

During the working day on which he presented the balance of covida-19 in the country, he pointed out that together with these antigens of the mechanism United Nations, the country will also receive vaccines purchased with Russian, and Chinese Abdallah from Cuba.

He insisted on the need to continue strengthening epidemiological surveillance in the face of the danger of the Delta variant, which he says does not circulate in the community.

More than 4 million vaccinated

For his part, the Minister of Health, Carlos Alvarado indicated that so far in the country 4 million 167 thousand people already have at least one dose of vaccine to be administered in Venezuela and was convinced that with the arrival of new series he hopes to adhere to the immunization schedule 70% of the population for the month of October.

“We are at the foot of the fight and we want to continue working on vaccinations,” he stressed.

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