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Do you feel very tired lately? That's a safe solution

If you feel tired for a while, and your head often hurts, you probably have a lack of iron. Shine, broken nails or hair loss are secondary symptoms you will suffer if you do not get rid of them in time.

Iron is the basic trace element for the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. So having the right iron level in the blood is necessary for our body to function well. When you feel tired or weak because of lack of oxygen in your blood, it causes diseases such as anemia.

For your body to function properly and not to deal with more serious symptoms, these are the tips you need to follow:

Eat foods rich in iron

Poor diet is one of the major causes of iron deficiency, so it is important that your diet is balanced in animal and plant iron.

Iron of animal origin is what the body absorbs more easily, as is the red meat. On the contrary, plant origin is more complex for absorption, but it is also necessary to consume them as well as green leafy vegetables.

Avoid eating large amounts of dietary fiber

Its consumption provides great benefits such as regulating your digestion, lowering your blood cholesterol levels, or protecting yourself from diseases such as colon cancer. But if you have a little iron and you consume a lot of food with this screen, be careful because iron decreases with absorption, so it keeps in the stool and does not absorb.

Get iron supplements

If you are pregnant, iron supplements should be taken, but always advised by a doctor. This way you can cover the needs of the fetus so that it is properly developed. First of all your doctor will do a blood test and after you know the result will tell you whether to take iron supplements or not.

Controlled food that is inhibited by iron

Just as there is food that increases iron in the blood, there are others who are avoiding it. For this reason, avoid consuming foods such as: an egg containing fosvitine which prevents the absorption of iron of plant origin; cocoa and coffee, its phenolic compounds inhibit iron absorption; milk, drinking more than one glass of milk a day causes the iron of plant and animal origin to not absorb; and nuts, consisting of these seeds, can reduce iron absorption by up to 60%.

Take vitamins C rich

Iron has to absorb into the body and it needs to be transformed into ferrites. This is due to the action of gastric juice, hydrochloric acid compound, and vitamin C. It is therefore necessary to consume more frequent foods such as lemons, strawberries or broccoli rich in vitamins C.

But be careful, though the consumption is good, calculate the amount well and do not take more than two fruits a day, because excess vitamin C can cause folic acid deficiency.

John Benitez: @iamjohnbenitez

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