Sunday , May 16 2021

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a course from dollar this Friday was closed weekly with a minimum of 0.72%, amid green local currency offerings for the period of payment of obligations and flows after the debt issue, operators said.

In today's day dollar a slight 0.06% depreciated at S / 3.295 per interbank price; compared with S / 3.297 on Thursday, with companies totaling $ 284 million.

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So far, foreign currency has fallen by 2.20% this year, which is a significant deterioration compared to a growth of 4.05% last year.

During the day, local business charts were presented, while banks lowered their positions while foreign investors were looking for dollars.

Meanwhile, on the international market the global dollar index has risen by 0.10% over the reference currency basket.

On the other hand, the exchange rate on informal markets or exchange offices in Lime operated on S / 3,305 as well as at a session on Thursday.

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