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Dollar: Which course is Saturday, June 29, 2019? | Economy | market

a course from dollar He erased his initial losses on Friday and praised at the end of the session afterwards Central Reserve Bank (BCR) will buy about $ 20 million in the market.

dollar increased by slightly 0.12% to S / 3.295 compared with S / 3.291 on Thursday, with a contracted amount of $ 368 million.

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In July green ticket dropped by 2.6%, which is the largest monthly drop since June 2016. It has accumulated a drop of 2.20%, which is a significant improvement compared to 4.05% in 2018.

During the session, a course It was reduced to S / 3.284, at least 10 months, by offering US foreign currency investors and local companies.

Then, dollar after the intervention of the Central Reserve Bank, it increased to S / 3,297.

Globally, the dollar index was stable against the reference currency basket while investors were waiting for a meeting between them USA and China at the G20 Summit.

In the Informal Square in Lime a course It worked between S / 3,294 and S / 3,295 compared to S / 3,300 from the previous session.

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