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El Puma: I died three times

29 June 2019 at 16:00
Updated June 29, 2019

Since 2015, singer, actor and businessman Bertin Osborne is a talk show My house is yours: relaxed conversation with people from different areas in their homes.

This Friday, the meeting took place at the home of Miami's José Luis Rodríguez.

At age 76, the "Peacock" and "Owner of nothing" interpreter discovered details of his health problems and difficulties he had to undergo. At the end of 2019, Puma received double transplantation of the lung due to a serious illness that had almost ended its life.

In a note published by Spanish ABC on the program, he quotes the singer: "I want to live very intensively all the time I've left, which God wants to give me.

Puma knew something was wrong when recording "Los amigos". "I got a voice out of the grave, very serious, I picked up a song, but I breathed in to get there I felt worse every time I went to Barranquillas, Colombia, and I could not sing I went to 2014. I had to live an Oxygen, to live there. That's how it all started – he recalled.

– I've died three times, Bertine. How Can I Explain Death? I would cry and pray to God and Christ to give me a second chance, because I could not leave. I had a lot to do here, "the artist admitted in Mi casa es la tuya, aired on TeleCinac, thinking of the heaviest moments of illness. – I have idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It starts slowly and then advances. No drugs, no matter how they say. Your lungs are firm and you can not breathe. That's funny because you can be a few days without eating or drinking and surviving, but you can not have a moment without breathing because you die, "he discovered.

About the transplant that he received, the singer told how much the donor's wait was complicated: "It's awaiting hard but recovery more. Waiting is death, it's like dying every day. If it was already a miracle it would be able to work at 40, with me but … but look, here I am, and I've lost hope. "" It's been a day of almost playing. I really want to meet my donor family because he has saved my life. "

During an emotional conversation, Rodriguez recalled the anecdote he lived with his wife, Carolina Pérez, at the hospital: "When I went to the operating room, I knew I could live and die, one day, a little before, I was with her I tried to talk to her and ask her for a glass of water, but my tongue was totally outraged, I could not, tried to speak in Spanish and I could not do it, I started to speak a language I do not know what it is. I did not know, I started talking without stopping the language I spoke in my life, and the only thing I could say was, "Christ, forgive me." Never in my life did I cry as much as that night.

An interpreter who wants to return to singing in the short or medium term concluded: "This opportunity God has given me is wonderful. I have no time to lose, but do not make a mistake. "

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