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Emmy 2019: Peter Dinklage's "Game of Thrones" scene could have won an Emmy | TV | series

Peter Dinklage has won – so far – three Emmy for playing Tyrion Lannister since 2011 in the "Game of Thrones"This year could be his fourth award thanks to a magnificent performance in the final chapter of the final season.

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Character Tyrion Lannister He was one of the most beloved fictions and probably the best script he had – except in some seasons he was a bit lazy. Thanks to him, Dinklage has won several Emmys and Golden Globes.

While last season was not the best for Dinklage, I say for Tyrion, there is a scene that could make me win the award again.

In episode six last season, Sir Davos, Brienne de Tarth, the new Prince of Dorne, Sansa Stark, Ayra Stark, Rob Aryn, Grendy Baratheron, Lord Tully, Yara Greyjoy, Sam Tarly, Branka Stark and other Lords of the Realm meet to decide who will rule the Seven Kingdoms and the destinations Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow will have. A Gray Worm with Tyrion appears before them.

Yara Greyjoy also wants Jon Snow's fate to be death, because Daenerys helped her get rid of her home, and Arya, when she heard it, tells her to shut up or slit her neck.

As the verbal struggles continue, Ser Davos proposes to decide who will be the new King of Westeros. Eventually Tyrion is declared a possible king, but he says no because people hate him for being part of the Daenerys government and others for betraying her. In addition, he says he has had many weeks to ponder and reflect on the future and bloody past of Westeros, and suggests Bran Stark as King of the Seven Kingdoms.

Tyrion's big scene begins. There is nothing more important to him than history, and Bran, as a three-eyed crow, knows the whole history of Westeros. Asked by Branko if he wanted to do this, he replied that he had traveled from the north because of that, and he accepted.

Sansa Stark says Bran will not be able to leave offspring and that could be a problem. Tyrion says it's so much better that baby kings are often cruel. Tarly himself suggests that from that moment on, the one who governs the Seven Kingdoms is chosen by the lords of Westeros, not by birth.

Thanks to his brilliant speech, the only Lannister left alive was able to convince Westeros men and women. Bran begs Tyrion to be his Hand, he refuses to accept because he knows he made a lot of mistakes because he thought he was an intelligent man, but his mistakes showed him otherwise. However, Bran tells him that this is not a request but an order and that he will now have a lifetime to make up for his mistakes.

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