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Famous people with terminal illnesses and maybe you did not know


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(Caracas, June 29, News24). – Many famous national and international people they are diagnosed with lethal disease, chronic, degenerative or incurable. And though they are subjected to treatments, their life can be switched off a little bit a bit.

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Here we will show you some of these celebrities who are fighting for their lives:

Selena Gomez

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The 23-year-old singer suffers from lupus. The immune system is designed to combat foreign or foreign substances in the body; in lupus patients, said system is affected by attacks of healthy cells and tissueswhich can damage various parts of the body, such as joints, skin, kidneys, heart, lungs, blood vessels and the brain.

Remember that lupus does not have a cure, it only improves the quality of life that it suffers, and that is exactly what Gomez has been doing all these years.

Halle Berry

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The gorgeous actress has been suffering from Type 2 diabetes for 27 years now, so she has to take care of her weight to avoid getting extra pounds, This could endanger your healthAlthough her pancreas does not work properly, she has insulin nutrition and treatment that helps her have a better quality of life.

And although it seems a bit of a serious disease, it really is not, because those who suffer from diabetes have to take into account the extreme food and daily routine of medication to avoid decompensation that could lead to diabetic coma and even death.

Tom Hanks

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A well-known Hollywood actor was diagnosed at age 36 with diabetes and recently switched to Type 2. trying to lose weight to have a lower risk of their organs ceasing to work.

Sarah Hyland

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The star of the "Modern Family" has inherent malformation in the kidneys. He was on the verge of death, but his father was Edward He donated the kidney to keep him alive, is now in better health, though her life is not a normal adolescent.

Frankie Muñiz

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The protagonist of the movie "The Great Lieutenant" and the series "Malcom in the Middle" has a feeling in the heart, so in his youth he is barely 30 years old, they already had two heart attacksDoctors say the third attack could be deadly.

Michael Douglas

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A 74-year-old actor cancer of the throat, the last treatment that was carried out was very effective.

Former NBA player Earvin "Magic" Johnson

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson is a former NBA player known for playing for LA Lakers for 13 seasons. He has been diagnosed with the HIV virus in 1991 and since then has been a representative Prevention of HIV and AIDS by creating a "Magic Johnson Foundation".

Josemith Bermúdez

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39-year-old animator Josemith Bermúdez is cured of illness that is so silent and destructive how is cancer, returned to 2017 with ovarian cancer metastases and has been struggling to eradicate the disease from her body.

Dayan Tower

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Puerto Rican and Miss Universe 1993, Dayanara Torres, 44, suffers from that skin cancer; melanoma diagnosed on February 5th. Due to various treatments, the disease did not spread throughout the body.

Charlie Sheen

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Actress Charlie Sheen (53), known for Warner's popular "Two and a Half Men" series, is very clear about her illness. Sheen is the carrier of the virus human immunodeficiency that causes AIDS.

On November 18, 2015, via an interview with NBC's "Today" and Matta Lauera's manager, he announced the news.

Carmen Alicia Lara

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Actress and model Carmen Alicia Lara suffers from breast cancer –especially in the right breast– And the ganglion. It was operated a few months ago and so far it is expected that the disease will completely disappear and will never return.


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Julian Eduardo Guzman, better known as Stayfree & # 39; and memorized by the "Night of the Dog" program broadcast by Televen, he admitted in a special program devoted to the "Price of the Celebrities" In 2007, HIV was diagnosedSince then, his career has fallen, he has fallen into poverty, drugs and is struggling to get out of trouble and lead a new life today.

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