Sunday , June 20 2021

Frente Amplio was given a contribution to the "agenda of the country"

After finishing the first phase of the Congress of Frente Amplio Venezueles Libre, the organizers of this event announced yesterday that the regions have contributed 1,793 proposals to which those of the four remaining states should be added regarding the recommendations of what should be adopted as a "country".

Ángel Oropeza and Sergio Sánchez, members of the National Co-ordination Team at Venice's National Congress in Venezuela, scheduled for Monday, 26 May at Aula Magni in UCV, gave a press conference in various countries where meetings were held. citizens destined to elaborate their proposals on what "people want the earth".

"We are looking for a national dialogue, where we will announce the plan of the country, I understand, is not a program of opposition, a country that wants change, that day we will explain what we are in the region and what this is what people are looking for," Oropeza said.

As they have explained, it is "to build a minute from below", where two stages are considered: the first, the general consensus; and the other disagreement, to be discussed; for what speakers say after Congress this Friday will require new regional meetings.

Oropeza and Sánchez expressed their full confidence in the results that are "already achieved" with this initiative of the opposition platform represented by Frente Amplio. "Let's restore confidence among ourselves," said Sanchez, who said that even people who were not directly linked to the Front participated in these regional meetings and expressed favorable criteria for their general goals and mostly "recognize each other, recognizing our differences."

He also expressed his trust in the sense that on the stage of the realization of the Congress "will be more united Venezuelan than we were before".

Responding to a journalist's question about the content of the proposal, he pointed out that "what will be said to the country exactly what will be discussed" in Congress. However, he noted that there are agreements on issues that could be controversial.

He reminded that there are six basic issues that point out the one that has to do with transition and the other with a lot of participation, and refers to "how should we reconstruct the country that we should start after the transition is expected and so forth, so 10. January will not take us unorganized. "

"This is the beginning of a new phase that deserves a bigger mobilization situation," Angel Oropeza added.

Congress topics

As announced by spokeswoman Frente Amplio,
Among the points of discussion at the conference work desks are: strategies and actions for the fight; transition and elections; suggestions for a common dream country; international organization and strategy; broad-based organization in all countries; and defining the network for transmission, with a focus on the communication platform with citizens.

Similarly, the congress defines former mayor Gerardo Blaye as an event aimed at "defining the path for consensual change", which seeks to "unite the strength, strategy and vision of the country."

According to announcements at the end of the registration process, various Fronte spokespersons have pointed out that numerous aspirants who participated in the event have been exceeded.

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