Monday , May 17 2021

Gasolini, from January 12, added an RD increase of $ 34

Two types of gasoline recorded the largest growth in the new growth trend.

With the new offer starting today until next Friday, gasoline prices have recorded cumulative increases of $ 34.00 in premiums, while RD $ 33.70 are regular, as last January 12 breaks down the upward trend that was recorded in the cost. fuels since September 2018.

From today, the new RD $ 239.00 in premium gasoline and RD $ 224.70 at regular rates represent a corresponding increase of 16.58% and 17.64%, since the last reduction in the cycle in the last four months of 2018, when dropped gasoline RD $ 205 and regular RD $ 191.00, in the week from January 5 to January 11.

The ministry of industry, trade and Mipymes yesterday ordered an increase and a reduction in the prices of various petroleum products. He also left other byproducts unchanged. Regular gas balloon now costs RD $ 1.70 more, and premium premium is becoming more expensive at RD $ 0.60. New prices are valid until next Friday 12.

MICM solution

The MICM resolution, which sets new hydrocarbon prices from 6 to 12 April, reduced $ 1.30 to the optimum diesel gallon and $ 1.40 a gallon bumblebee.

From nowadays, the premium petrol price is $ 239.00, up to sixty cents; Regular petrol at RD $ 224.70 per gallon increases RD $ 1.70.

Meanwhile, regular diesel, which accumulates an increase of $ 18 per gallon in its ups and downs, which corresponds to 11.09% on January 18, will continue during the week that starts today RD 180.20 per gallon, retaining its price. The optimal diesel engine will be quoted today at RD $ 193.20 per gallon, for the lowest RD $ 1.30. However, its new price will be RD $ 19.48 higher than when the bear string was interrupted, bringing the price to RD $ 173.70.

Autur, the type of fuel used by turbines or jet planes, will be sold at $ 142.70 per gallon, which will keep its price, while the kerosene, other fuel used in aviation, will continue at $ 169.60 per liter. gallon, at least until next Friday. Fuel oil gallon, fuel used in petroleum-based electricity production, will be quoted at RD $ 122.36, an increase of RD $ 1.40. In the meantime, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), the only hydrocarbon still remaining below the strap or belt that fell in the week of 5 to 11 January 2019.

Lossed gas is 0.04% cheaper than in January

LPG will keep its price at $ 103.10 per gallon. This last level is RD $ 0.50 less (0.04%) than the one that had fuel from 5 to 11 January.

Natural gas, which is not an oil derivative, keeps its quotation at RD $ 28.97 per cubic meter.

To determine the new price, MICM used a RD $ 50.55 dollar exchange rate, which was estimated by surveys conducted by the Central Bank.

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