Monday , May 17 2021

How to receive and respond to messages without opening WhatsApp


We have recently shown a trick to send WhatsApp messages without touching the cell phone, something very useful when we have busy hands or driving, for example. Now, we'll show you another simple WhatsApp trick that will make it easy for us to read and reply to messages when we do other things on the cell phone. For example, if we read mail, news, watch Facebook, video or just for convenience, we will be able to Read and reply to WhatsApp messages without opening the application.

This will prevent you from doing what we do on your mobile device every time we receive the WhatsApp message we want to read and respond. For this we will use the app that can be found in the Google Play Store completely free, Notifly. It's possible that somebody already knows about an app that lets you add famous Messenger Bubbles to WhatsApp messages.

Notifly allows you to read and reply to WhatsApp messages without opening the application

But if we look at the Notifly operation, we will understand that besides being attractive to show bubbles with the face of our WhatsApp contacts each time we receive a message from them, it lets us read and respond to messages without the need to open WhatsApp. To start enjoying this feature, the first thing you need to do is install the app on our mobile.

When you do so, we will use the necessary permissions and customizations so that Notifly can access our notifications, and then show us applications that are compatible with those installed on your mobile. We deactivate it all except WhatsApp and from that moment on we will see how each time we receive a message appear vesicle with the image of our contact and pointing out that we have new message of those persons.

By touching that bladder, the message itself will appear from there we can respond, Therefore, it will not be necessary to open a glorious application to send messages or to read or reply to messages. Bubbles are always displayed above other applications we've opened on the phone so we can access the messages we receive from WhatsApp without leaving them above all, without having to go to WhatsApp.

From Notifly settings, we can resize the WhatsApp message bubble, indicate whether we want to be displayed even if the mobile is blocked, if we want to combine all app conversations in one bubble, etc. Please note that any of these may be paid for.

Napisao / la Roberto Adeva

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