Tuesday , May 18 2021

Impressive Samsung Galaxy Image showing the historic center of San Salvador News from El Salvador

Part of the illuminated historic core of the city of San Salvador is shown in the Samsung campaign of expectations of social networking ideas, one of the most important events this year. That's the letter "A" with pictures that allude to the expected Galaxy A, which is near the presentation of its public innovations.

On April 10, Samsung Electronics will present its latest Galaxy A, designed for communication in Latin America, to "Era de todo en vivo". The launch will take place in Sao Paulo, the business heart of Latin America, as well as in the cities of Bangkok and Milan.

Recently Samsung introduced the S10 and S10 + models; as part of the new family of devices joining Galaxy Folda, while Note is expected until August, although we still have to wait for the official announcement of the brand.
For now, we must be aware of the launch of the new Galaxy Series on April 10 from Brazil. Presentation can be monitored live on social networks.


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