Israeli scientists claim they have found a cure for cancer

A team of Israeli scientists from a pharmaceutical lab Accelerated evolutionary biotechnology says he will have a full remedy for cancer for the next year, he writes Jerusalem Post, on Monday.

What is it about?

& # 39; mutate & # 39; (multi-target toxin) is the name of this revolutionary treatment: the antibiotic product of toxin combinations that specifically attack cancer cells and eliminates the possibility of re-emergence of the disease. That's what Ilan Morad, the leader of the investigation, explains the Israeli channel.

Morad argues that experts should be responsible for the analysis a type of cancer of each patient to give him an antibiotic specially designed to treat his illness.

Experts say the treatment will be effective from the first day, will last several weeks and will have minimal side effects. And it will cost much less than the ones available.

Skepticism of experts

Despite the importance of this news, there are numerous criticisms of experts who consider the alleged drug efficiency to be overdone.

In addition, skeptics warn that study information is limited and without any scientific publication that would support it.

Director of the National Office of the American Society cancer. Len Lichtenfeld, he assures that it is too early to conclude that the drug will work successfully on people because it has only been experienced by mice up to now.

"Unfortunately, we must be aware that this is far from being an effective treatment for people with cancer and even less cure," he writes in his personal blog.

"Sell unicorn," says Australian doctor and biologist Darren Saunders, who points out there is not enough information on the Israeli investigation.

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