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It is false that FAES is in search of the Guaidó family

January 31, 2019
Last Updated on 31 January 2019 at 18:25

Carlos Alfredo Pérez, the General Commander of the Bolivian National Police (PNB), assured him that it was wrong for FAES to come home Thursday to President Juan Guaido, the provisional president of Venezuela.

"PNB Chief Commander Carlos Alfredo Pérez Ampueda reports that it is entirely wrong for FAES's commissions in Santa Fe to look for family deputy Guaido," PNB wrote on her Twitter.

Guaido, at the same time offering details of the Country Plan at the Venezuelan Central University (UCV), condemned FAES officials at home and that his daughter was Miranda Guaidó.

The interim president pointed out that officials in the guardhouse sought his wife Fabian Rosales. Neighbors in that area surrounded the apartment while the uniforms were inside.

When Guaidó arrived at the scene, accompanied by his wife, deputy at the National Assembly, diplomatic corps, and journalists, police officers have already left the post.

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