Wednesday , March 3 2021

"Klaun nad Maduro"

CARACAS, Former PDVSA minister Rafael Ramírez, responded this week on charges against him by opposition leaders. During his weekly column, part of his message focused on the "miserable subject" IV. Republic, "the body of the one who was" refloated "along with his party, by madurism."

"I take the opportunity to explain to the country and all the sabbaths of the vulgar right from where we come from." To know that the truth is, we are enemies of the enemies, of what they represent, of what they did in the land, of what they think. to say that characters such as these are the maximum expression of Venetian politics, which, I say once more, I agree with Maduro's agreement on coexistence, while sharing the opposition, confuses him, leaving some innocent people who are still following him, "said former Venezuelan ambassador to UN in the text published on the Aporre portal.

"This man is upset, before the giant truth: His cousins, with the consent of madurism, participate as PDVSA partners in joint ventures, such as Petrodelta, or in petroleum" retailers "through several companies. Explain to me, ask me for documents, have in the People's Assembly, ask your boss, but this gentleman, instead of facing his people with insults and blows, with the eschatological incontinence that characterizes him. In the end, it turns out that the clown over Maduro, who attacks attackers who opposed Chavez, whose are abusive of insulting Chavez, shrinking his cadres and Bolivar, and his lovers clap him, "he said without mentioning the names of politicians, but apparently referred to Henry Ramos Allup.

"I no longer disturb insults and lies from the far right, or the characters from the pants, first because I realize it's part of the game Maduro plays, and secondly, because honestly, anyone in the country cares about what these opposition leaders say, leaving their political bases, from the moment they are sent to die in guarimbas, to have elements that match Maduro and they did so on that amount of dead, "he added.

Ramirez assured he did not expect the PSUV leadership's solidarity before the charges, because "the silence they kept before the attacks and charges of Maduro before demolishing the legacy of Chavez Commander and the country, defining the position for me. This group will always do what Maduro says, like Mephisto.

This week General Secretary AD, Deputy Henry Ramos Allup, described Ramírez as "kicking off" before a statement by the former oil minister who claimed that he and his family and a UN member had been awarded oil contracts.

Source: Notitotal / Photo: Lesson

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