Saturday , January 16 2021

Maluma sweeps to his last drop at his Bogot's show: "Thank you parceros!" Palmira

Maluma, singer & # 39; Felices los 4 & # 39 ;, left everything on stage at Movistar Arena in Bogotá, and after three years of absence confirmed the love that his audience feels for him.

After nine o'clock at night she was on the stage in the midst of an impressive display of technology, pyrotechnic games, as well as a powerful interpretation of one of her successful sounds of her success.

From this moment, the excited audience did not cease to sing and applaud an artist who, with the show of international status, left his audience open mouth.

"Corazón" was the first theme the artist played and after a few minutes of impressive opening he warmed the cold night capital.

From that moment on, the artist did not stop singing, and his interaction with the audience made the girls crazy with one of their songs.

Paisa was not alone and in spite of Karl G's one of the most impressive performances for the first time in a live song singed together by "Créeme", the artist performed other manga artists who did not feel the absence of a colleague such as Reik's presentation, Alexis and Fido, Bryan Myers, Wolfine and J Quiles.

As the minute passes, the temperature has increased on the stage and where not only does it allow her to see her vocal quality, but also the sexual attraction that crazy starts her followers.

Paisa, who knows very well his skills as a galant rose on the stage, is one of her fans and a romantic love affirmation that has not ended up with a kiss as it has happened in previous occasions.

Paisa had publicly explained that his girlfriend would kill him and of course that his audience did not care, but with shout he thanked the gesture.

Paisa inter alia interprets the "Mala Mia" Clandestino & # 39 ;, Borro Cassete & # 39; and & quot; Loan & # 39 ;.

There are a couple of moments that the Colombian public will not forget, and also Venezuelan, because one of the assistants could be by the artist, and between tears, she told him of the difficult situation her country experienced.

"It's not time to weigh and go ahead," she said, and before the fans left the stage, he told us "Venezuela has us."

One of the most intimate moments of the artist was when he sang Marinero, and it was a perfect opportunity to remember everything he had to fight before becoming a world figure.

At the end of the palace he proudly showed the Colombian representation and vibrating the hearts of thousands of followers who were not tired of applauding.

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