Wednesday , June 23 2021

NASA will explore drug use in SpaceX and Boeing

NASA confirmed Tuesday that it will use drugs and security in its SpaceX and Boeing providers after Elon Musk, the first owner, smoked during a live interview in September.

US Space Agency spokesman William Gerstenmaier told the Washington Post that the investigation would focus on "anything that could have an impact on security."

NASA has confirmed in the AFP statement that "in the coming months (…) NASA will conduct a study on culture valuation (usage and customs) in coordination with our private partners to ensure that companies comply with NASA's job security criteria place, including respect for the environment without drugs. "

SpaceX and Boeing are two companies NASA has selected for astronaut transport in space since 2019.

NASA has not officially confirmed that these investigations are related to the case of marijuana smoking cigar, but it appears to indicate the fact that it refers to drugs in its statement, and three sources confirmed it to Washington.

At the beginning of September, the controversial magnate spent two hours in live radio interview, filmed and aired on the Internet, drinking whiskey and smoking marijuana.

Without this case, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine told the Washington Post that the US space agency wanted to convince the public of the launch of astronauts planned by 2019 by two companies.

"We need to show the Americans that when you put an astronaut on a rocket, he's safe," he said.

NASA has recently certified SpaceX to launch its most complex and expensive mission.

"SpaceX actively promotes workplace safety and we believe our drug programs in our staff and at our workplaces will exceed our contractual criteria," the company said in a statement.

Boeing, on the other hand, stated that the internal culture guarantees the "integrity, security and quality of our products, our staff and the professional environment".

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