Sunday , May 16 2021

New fashion on Instagram "peeling" the buttocks in art mode (PHOTOS)

Photo: via Instagram.

Instagram is not just a social network for entertainment, but it is now expanding new types of "mode". In this case, one of the most striking trends has emerged in recent times.

from The traveling illusion

Show your butt in the beautiful landscapes It has become a world trend. The idea was about a recognized account "Insignificant ventures"And it did not take long to appear on Instagram.

This new fashion is about posting photographs of followers who depict their buttocks, not risking their tone and working it in an "artistic way" at incredible locations around the world.

There are already thousands Instagrammers those who joined, both men and women and set your photos every day showing your butt in some corner of the planet.

What do you think about this new fashion on Instagram? Will you do that?

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