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Ozuna: Kevin Freta's family, the singer's alleged blackmailer, denies that he was exposed by intimate video

Puerto Rico

The scandal that caused the discovery ozuna they participated while they were still underage in a sex video of homosexual natureI …NY Sex Chronicles"He did nothing but gained after their lawmakers confirmed that the reggaeton star filed an objection to blackmail and blackmail in 2017 against the singer of the pit Kevin Fret and that he has paid more than $ 50,000.

Just a week before the video of sexual nature came to the virtual sphere, Fret was killed in mysterious circumstances.

The story of a well-known interpreter has always claimed that he has nothing to do with this crime, claiming that in the police investigation in that respect he was not named as a person of interest.

Deceased relatives, who died after shooting in the head and the other on the go while driving his motorcycle Puerto Rico January 10 interrupted the silence in the interview programFirst impactchain Univision deny Kevin tried extort to Ozune.

Instead, they claim that both have reached an "economic agreement" and gave vague statements about the relationship that might have existed between those two men.

"If you know me and give me money, if you tell me you'll give me money, is there any extravagance?" blackmailThere was nothing there. That is why I say that life of double life is the worst thing in the world, because you will never be calm with your conscience, "said Fret's mother, Hilda, who claims to know who is behind her son's death. would interfere in an open police investigation to clarify the circumstances of the murder of a translator.

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Considering the possibility that Kevin Fret possesses more compromising material from Ozuna, his brother admits that those who were "aware of friendship" through networks and other "ragpickers" with a well-known artist – do not know with certainty but they notice that the young man is guarding Intimate content footage with other men.

"But his cell phone was stolen when they went to kill him, it seemed that the intrusion came to the side … because they knew Kevin had the treasure in the cell phone, the mines and the secrets that no one wants to see, even the secret that neither she I knew that [en referencia a su hermana y a él] to know only him and the person who is. "The authorities have confirmed that the cell phone is in his possession.

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This is a theory that supports his sister, who regrets that the unlucky musician was a "bad guy" in this story: "Kevin could be a fight, a madman," a bad speech, "but Kevin was far from that [que dicen], And much less liars. "He also claims to have warned him several times to look after what he is doing in the world where he is the only one. the trap star open homosexual.

"[Su error] It was real. When you are real, you always want to keep your mouth shut, and I think more than in this genre that turns out to be men. I've always talked to you [que se callara] not because he spoke, but because everything he said was true, and that is true of real people. "

Ozuna, for her part, claimed a few days ago that she had not sent kill Kevin Fret and pulled the rumors that linked him with assassination claiming they were just gossip.

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