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"People have trouble talking about anything that concerns a parent"

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For decades, the sector of health products for women has relatively few technical innovations, but the increase in related devices and the removal of some taboos in many parts of the world has resulted in an industry that is already valued at billions of dollars. dollars.

Women make up 51% of the world's population, but many of the natural processes they need to go from menstruation to menopause have often been taboo subjects.

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Consequently, women are relegated when it comes to designing and launching new products.

But things are changing: women-centered technology or "femtech" is in full swing.

A market research fellow, Frost & Sullivan, points out that by 2025 the market will be they can be evaluated USA$ 50,000 million.

"Basic Technology"

Amy Thomson, founder of Moody's platform, he was motivated by his personal experience to jump to this field.

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Amy Thomson

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Amy Thomson believes the sector is in full swing.

He was in charge of communications agency when he was diagnosed with a stress hormone-related problem, cortisol.

"My period stopped coming and I realized there was nothing available for me. The existing technology was basic, "he says.

The Moody app will ask you about your age and the date of the last period. From this information, users can monitor their hormonal changes to understand and act on their bodies.

"We make and use technology to support women in a way that is safe for them," says Thomson.

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That includes Do not sell your data to corporations, he says.

Moody wants to introduce wellness store so that customers can buy products according to their diet and exercise they practice, for example.

"Women are now in positions of greater responsibility and power and we understand it These problems can be solved by technology"he says.

"The space is in full swing, because people realize they are neglected in these areas."


"This is a growing market with tremendous potential, technology focused on medical care has been historically translated into products designed by men, but now with this technology focused on women, we have entrepreneurs who create these products," says Priya Guha, global launch of RocketSpace technology.

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Priya Guha believes women lead the women's revolution.

"This is a sector that is completely neglected, but that is changing is time perfect for get investments".

Tanja Boler, founder of Elvie, points out that increasing the ability to connect and destroy some women's health taboos helps to change attitudes.

Its application helps women Strengthen your chin under exercise routines five minutes

It is currently offered by the National Health Service of the United Kingdom (NHS: National Health Service).


For years Boler has been working on global innovation in the health sector, first for the United Nations and later for Marie Stopes International, a non-governmental organization whose goal is to provide contraceptive methods and safe voluntary abortion in dozens of countries (where it is legitimate to do so).

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"The health problems of women are hidden," says Tania Boler.

But when she had a baby, she realized that neglected the health needs of women in the consumer market.

"Bladder incontinence is not sexy, but one of three women suffer"The adult health market is huge, but because it's a female health issue, it's completely concealed."

"People have trouble talking about anything about the vagina, but technology makes it easy to make a difference."

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Women around the world can access their personal information via mobile devices.

Elvie also produces a silent and wireless mother liquor pump that is linked to the Flow Rate Monitor application.

The device can be operated directly from the mobile phone.

"Women's technology is so well designed to pump pumps that use pumps to compress everything that is bad for women's health: heavy, silky and heavy to usehe adds.

"We have no control when it comes to innovation, but this exporter is silent, you can hide it (in the brassiere) and you can take it with you during the day."

Looking for investors

But many of the founders of these companies agree that investors often we do not appreciate the need for such products or why women might be interested in them.

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Elvie's breast pump is silent and is linked to the application.

"You really had to explain that female hormones vary a little," says Thomson, when he recalls his beginnings, trying to attract investors who did not want to enter the markets they did not understand.

"We are dealing emotionally every day and we can not believe that something so important is neglected," he says.

Those who invest in femtech will find it the target market is flooded with obsolete products.

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Devices and applications that follow and measure our routines affect femtech.

It is estimated that the women's hygiene market is worth about US $ 30,000 million, but it is visible very little innovation since the tampon invented in the decade of 30th.

However, in recent years new products have been invented, from the tanks in bluetOpen a one-time menstrual disk which adjusts to the inner body.

Woman turning

"There is currently a lot of noise around women's technology and I think that's a good thing," says Harriet Forsyth, a ClearViewIP consultant analyst.

Forsyth believes that turning to a woman's health is perfectly suited the next wave of technological products that can be "dressed up".

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According to Forsyth, a group that still remains unmanaged by technology is women who are experiencing menopause.

They can be used by pregnant women or women who are trying to have a baby that will follow the temperature and heart rate.

For example, Fitbit users can now synchronize their data with the Clue application to more precisely predict when the period will arrive.

In fact, many inventions of women's technology take advantage of the trend technology tracking about everyday habits. like apps that measure how many hours you sleep, how much you run, how much you eat.

Because historical medical research focused on women is less, the implications of collecting this huge set of data transcend personal tracking.

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"We hope this information can be used to provide something that women really need: to show what is happening to your health and to predict the condition in which the symptoms are not obvious, such as ovarian cancer, "explains Forsyth.

One group that still does not monitor the technology is a woman in menopause, Forsyth notes.

They could benefit from devices like Fitbites so they could monitor symptoms for example.

"Women who are in the menopausal climate feel oblivious and if there is something to help them in monitoring the symptoms, I think they would be receptive."

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