Sunday , June 20 2021

Positive results in Phase 1 Zika vaccine

This was released after analyzing with 67 adults.

The Franko-Austrian group Valneva and the American Emergent BioSolutions have released "positive preliminary results" for Phase 1 of their experimental Zika virus vaccine.

Vaccine in the experimental phase, called VLA1601, "reached the main criteria for assessing studies that demonstrate a favorable safety profile for all doses and vaccination schemes," the two groups being mentioned in the joint exposition.

Additionally, VLA1601 "has been shown to be immunogenic – producing antibodies – in all vaccinated groups and generated antibody against Zika virus by dose and schedule of vaccination," they added.

Phase 1 study was performed with 67 healthy adults who were not previously infected with any flavivirus, between 18 and 49 years, as both groups were listed.

In July 2017, Valneva granted an exclusive worldwide license to Emergent BioSolutions for its Zika virus vaccine production technology.

Two companies agreed to develop the vaccine together with Phase 1 data disclosure, and the responsibility for the surgery is borne by Valneva.
On the other hand, Emergent has the ability to continue vaccine development once the Phase 1 results are obtained.

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