Sunday , March 7 2021

Prince Charles, of course, can be a grandfather who likes it!

not, Princess Diana She is not the best promoter of her ex-husband. Exactly the opposite. If someone damaged the image of the heir of the English crown, that was her. Unbelieving, insensitive and careless in his family, some adjectives he always used Lady Di decades.

Now in the interview he was broadcasting BBC yesterday on Thursday night when we discovered it Prince Charles sensitive, loving with their grandchildren, concerned about their children.

Camila Parker He commented on it her husband Divan is a grandfather with eight grandchildren. Camila has 5 (Lola. Freddy. Eliza. Gus and Louis) i Carlos 3 (George. Apple pie and Louise from Cambridge) Also, with the one on the way, son the princes of Sussex. pillage and Meghan.

Prince Charles, Kate Middleton, and George
The prince has always been very close to grandchildren.

"He will be on his knees and crawl with them for a few hours, you know the creation of funny sounds and laughter. My granddaughter absolutely loves him, Lee Harry Potter and can make different voices and I think the kids really appreciate it, "she commented Duchess of Cornwall .

Among the unpublished paintings left by this historical documentary is the one where Prince Carlos literally enchants with his youngest grandson, Prince Louis.

This photo was taken in September last year Louis I've been in the gardens for five months Clarence House, the official residence of the Crown successor.

In it we can see a small hold of the grandfather's arms while it is Prince Charles he looks fascinating. On the other side Kate carefully observes the reaction of his flock. Duchess Cambridge She wore a navy blue dress with a polka dot cream.

The director of this documentary film was the director John Bridcut who followed him 12 months to get a unique vision of the life and personality of the heir. And he fulfilled that.

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