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Sicarios killing shavers on the street

Photo: Archive

Photo: Archive

Dadniuska Aristigueta

Richard Joel Pacheco Tejada, 28, was killed on Monday, November 5, his body was located in El Calvario.

On that day, the victim visited relatives in the neighborhood of Los Erasos in the San Bernardino parish, then received a phone call in which he was informed that he was short in his barracks, located on the Anaco Boulevard in the famous Caracas area, so he left .

When he arrived at his work, he was humiliated by four unidentified subjects dressed in black and hood, and Pacheco covered his face and took it.

Witnesses of this fact told their relatives what had happened and immediately started looking for him, through cousins ​​who knew the cop. The latter told them that Richard's body was found in El Calvario.

The parents of the deceased went to the site of the discovery, asked the GNB units that were on the checkpoint in the area and confirmed the information the policeman offered them. The body was transferred to the morgue of the car, but due to an electrical error it was taken to forensic medicine Bello Monte.

Pacheco was tied up and beaten, had three chests in his chest, his relatives assumed he was a hired killer.

Richard was a senior mechanic in automotive mechanics, graduated from the University Institute of Industrial Technology (IUTI) and father of two children.

Graveyard A thirty-year-old man, identified as Iván Eduardo Herrera Torres, was killed in the morning of this Thursday in the family tomb of former President Joaquín Crespo, located at the General Cemetery in the south.

On that day, several unknown persons entered the house where they were victims, forcibly taken and taken to the aforementioned place where he was killed. Parents learned about the incident from their neighbors, went to the cemetery and found Ivan's lifeless body. They learned that they died three years ago leaving the area because he was threatened because he allegedly committed seizures in the sector, but despite warnings, he returned to the neighborhood. He was the father of a seven-year-old boy.


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