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Solar panel fans for electric rationing

April 7, 2019 – 21:15

Electricity generation plants and solar panel fans are a commercial boom due to power ration in Zulia

Considering the imposition of electricity in Zulia with a variation of 4 to 6 hours with daily service, citizens and traders were able to face the onslaught of heat and darkness.

So in Las Playitas, in front of its dark corridors, from the end to the end, power plants and solar panel fans give their faces. They are there, waiting for them to be purchased and to fulfill the dream of many to spend at least with less heat on the rationing hours.

Know the costs of these tools that have decided to become a priority for all in these times, News on the day He went to talk to some suppliers to show them the price of staying in the dark and the heat.

Fernando González decided to take care of us and pointed out that there was a rise in sales of power plants, but in Maicao, where these products are imported, the prices have risen and the price is in dollars. cost and earn a little, "he said.

Price does not pass the heat

Innovation and a few do not give credit to solar panel fans, they can become a solution for afternoon hours, especially for the night when the lights go off, and mosquitoes take over. The duration of the same after each load is 12 continuous hours.

"The price of $ 120 is 500,000 bolivars, many take them, it's not a storm, but it's cool for a long time. All you have to do is put the sun on the sun, they fill it up at night or the day the fans come in. but anything for older ladies and children who suffer most from faintingness, "said González.

Luis Fernando Herrera

Photos: Carlos Robertson

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