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The ancient giant pandas were not fed only with bamboo

Unlike giant pandas who currently live in mountains southwest China and eat exclusively from bamboo, yours cross but the extinct they probably had diet more diverse, similar to that of others mammals, according to a study published today (January 31, 2019).

"It is generally accepted (the belief) that giant pandas are fed exclusively with bamboo in the last two million years, but our the results proved to be the opposite, "explained Fuwen Wei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Author of Work published in the journal Current Biology.

To carry out his research, Fuwen and his team analyzed isotopes from bone collagen modern pandi i fossil of the 12 ancient pandas collected from seven archaeological sites in southern and southwest China.

Comparison of data showed that the isotopes of each other differ, which suggests differences in their eating habits.

This means that the ancient huge pandas had a varied diet, similar to others mammals who lived alongside him, and probably did not feed only bamboo, according to what he said researchers.

In addition, the authors of this study believe that eating habits of giant pandas evolved into two phases.

They first left that omnivorous to eat plants, and then, in the second stage, they start feeding only bamboo, for which they have a kind of special tooth which allows them to better catch their stems, leaves and buds.

researchers They want to continue studying to know when exactly there has been a change in exclusive bamboo diet, and they plan to collect pandemic patterns from different periods of the last 5,000 years.

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