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The minimum national wage is 4,500 B, and the wage bonus is 2,000 points

The minimum national wage is 4,500 B, and the wage bonus is 2,000 points

M. Fuenmayor

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced on Thursday, November 29, an increase in the price of 3,600 Sovereign Bolivares to 9,000 Sovereign Bolivares, resulting in a wage increase – which is in the midst of Petro – 1,800 bolivars. succumbed to 4,500 sovereign bolivars.

"According to the economic variables of these 100 days I have decided as a correction factor that Petro is doing in 9,000 Sovereign Bolivars since tomorrow, November 30," he said from Miraflores Palace at a meeting with the government team. 100 days of economic recovery, growth and prosperity program.

He states that "the value of the national minimum wage and pension amounts to 4,500 bolivars, from 1,800 bolivars to 4,500 Bolivar-based Petro".

During his speech, he left for 100 days to complete the program, pointing to Peter's conversion decision "in the account unit that serves as a reference for the value of our currency in dollars or in the international convertible currency and the value of the currency in the Bolivar."

He also announced that he will pay aguinaldo the difference with the new announced salary that will be paid on December 15; In addition, he reported on the payment of a unique Christmas bonus of 2,000 sovereign bolivars through the Carnet de la Patria system. He also added that he will pay a bonus through the Home of the Nation system named Niño Jesús.

He instructed ministers to continue to monitor, through various cases, the respect of prices agreed with different sectors of the economy.

As for the retired, he noted that he would collect 4,500 sovereign wealthy monthly pensioners and that as a gift he would get half of the interchangeable Petro.

He also explained that from this first December will increase the amount of protection of Homes of the Homeland system.

As for payrolls, he said he would keep paying private and public companies' salaries and would pay for two weeks.

"You should know the private payroll that we cancel and the payroll in your account that the program of economic recovery, growth and prosperity keeps the payment of these salaries," he said.

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