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The Ministry of Health has applied more than 55,000 flu vaccines to Chubut

Within the "Winter Campaign 2019", about 55,000 people have used the Chubut flu vaccine since the end of April to date.

The initiative you took The provincial ministry of health, led by Adriana Pizzi, is part of a strategy aimed at comprehensive care of respiratory and seasonal pathologies. This important action is also supported by Institute of Social Security and Insurance, Miguel Arnaudo.

According to the Health Portfolio, application flu vaccines in Chubut was carried out with complete success; They had very good reception by the inhabitants of the province. This stems from the latest weekly progress report prepared by the Provincial Office for Prevalent Pathology and Epidemiology.

However, they warned that due to the circulation of influenza viruses in the country and the province, the campaign has not yet been completedIn that sense, Mariela Brito, head of the Provincial Department for Control of Immune Repentance, spread a timely call.

"In order to achieve optimal coverage by vaccination, we especially call on a pregnant woman who can be vaccinated at any time during pregnancy to protect that unborn child," she explained.

Likewise, the officer called children between 6 and 24 months, who must receive two doses if they did not receive the previous dose of the previous year; as well as people with some risk factors for that illness.

flu vaccines in Chubut

Mariela Brito, Head of the Provincial Department for Control of Immune Reproductive Diseases

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Who has the obligation to vaccinate?

It is worth noting that Priority groups are those that are covered: health care staff, children aged 6 to 24 months and pregnant women (in any trimester of pregnancy); as well as for persons older than 65 who must apply flu vaccines in Chubut.

In the same way as they should and can be vaccinated free of flu, in hospitals and health centers in the province, people aged 2 to 64; provided they have chronic illness or risk factor for the flu, who must attend the medical indication.

On the other hand, he recalled that The following vaccine against pneumococcus has been in force for the third year in a row.

flu vaccines in Chubut

He explained that he shared several target population of the flu vaccine. This means: diabetics, renal insufficiency, COPD, heart failure, transplanted and immunocompromised.

"We propose a joint counseling strategy for both vaccines. Both groups older than 65, as well as people with risk factors," explained the Ministry of Health's reference.

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