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The new platform allows loans in ETH and DAI CriptoNoticias

The Dharma platform, which provides credits for crypto currencies via the Ethereum network, is open to the public after several months of testing.

This system uses smart deals to determine loan terms between users, which is you can take or give in ETH or DAI credit, a currency linked to the Dollar of Maker, which has had problems with maintaining US parity over the past few weeks.

The publication on his blog says that they are "crypto currencies" and that they should act as money. You should be able to use your tombs in your daily life, either earning interest, paying bills, or seeking a loan. "

Although one of the basics of the ecosystem dominated by Bitcoin is that every user owns their money, this initiative seeks to use smart business opportunities to achieve a credit system without the need for brokers or trusted third parties.

The loan is, as explained in its white book, registered in the ERC-721 irreplaceable token, although it can be transferred to other addresses; in that case, the payment will be made automatically to the address of the last bearer.

In order to impose a payment time, the user must block a part of his cryptic activity in the call type that is called escrow, This deposit, however, was not made at the address of the developer, but was blocked by the Dharma Key system.

The team also notes that the means can be sent from any pendant without the need for using MetaMask or any other interface that connects to the Ethereum network.

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