Thursday , May 6 2021

The next Bluepoint Games project is conceived

Bluepoint Games is a renowned studio for performing remastering and processing several games of the past generations. In recent months, it has been announced that they are working on a new project involving a well-known franchise, but more are not given. Now we know that this is not a remake, but will have more freedom, so they consider it a re-imagination.

As part of Bluepoint's presentation at Game Developers Conference 2018, the developer has shared his spreader set at the GDC Vault page, where you can see the topics he talked about at the event. Among them, he draws attention to the comment he has made on his next project, which he has already heard, thanks to the job offer published on their website.

Peter Dalton, Director of Bluepoint Games, commented why they decided to name Shadow of the Colos (2017), remake instead of remastering. After that, the developer commented on their next project, which would give them more freedom than they had in the past game.

"Regarding Shadow of the Colos, we do not call it remastering, we have copied it as a remake of the complexity of the project. And moving to our next project, we call it reimagination, as it goes beyond what we thought it possible Shadow of the Colos", Reads a PDF document shared by Dalton.

So the performer clearly made it clear that his new project differs from what we've seen Shadow of the ColosIn that sense, remastering is a set of improvements that apply to a title that usually does not go beyond visual or technical performance. On the other hand, remake happens when these additions are more significant, but they do not stop circling around the original experience. Finally, reimagination is this title that modifies part of history of history and other elements such as the game system or adds features that did not exist in the basic game, some examples are Resident Evil 2 (2018) i Ratchet and Clank (2016).

And you, what do you think about the bluepoint games for the next project? What do you think, what kind of game will be re-imagining? Tell us in the comments.

Among the pieces of Bluepoint games there is a division of several past games Metal Gear Solid, remake of Shadow of the Colos, adjusting that title ICO for PlayStation3 and a remastered version The difficulty of the rush for PlayStation 4. Before that, you've been speculating about re-publishing Demonic souls, but Hidetaka Miyazaki did not consider any remake. However, it is possible that the project has passed through Bluepoint Games development programs. We will let you know about this repetition; Meanwhile, you can get more information on Bluepoint games by clicking this link.

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