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The risk of heart failure due to diabetes is higher among women

an ambitious study by George Institute of Global Health, which is included 12 million people they belong 10 countries from all over the world (Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea) concludes that diabetes, either type 1 or 2, increases the risk of heart failure and this increase is higher for women than for men.

Results of the investigation, published in & quot; Diabetologia & # 39;, the Journal of European Diabetes Research Association (EASD) Type 1 diabetes is associated with 47% higher risk in women than in men, while in Type 2 diabetes the difference is 9%. Some data that require the promotion of more specific diabetes research.

"It has already been known that diabetes increases the risk of heart failure, but what our study shows for the first time is that women are at a significantly higher risk for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, "says Toshiaki Ohkuma, lead author of the study.

Women are particularly worried

According to data shared by the International Diabetic Federation (IDF), currently more than 415 million adults, of whom 199 women, are coexisting with diabetesTo make the matter worse, diabetes is the ninth leading cause of death in women, claiming that it is 2.1 million lives more than men every year. A situation that can worsen if, as FDI shows, predicts a prognosis that increases the number of women with diabetes to 313 million.

"The greatest risk of heart failure after diagnosis of diabetes is significantly higher in women, indicating the importance of prevention and intensive treatment of the disease in your case. Further research is needed to understand the mechanisms behind this reality and to reduce the burden on both sexes, "adds Ohkuma.

According to researchers, women with Type 1 diabetes were more likely to be associated with a risk of heart failure 5 times more compared with people without diabetes 3.5 times larger in the case of men. With type 2 diabetes, increased risk of heart failure was 95% in women and 74% in males.

"Women have prenatal for two more years than menwhich can mean a higher risk of heart failure. Likewise, women receive inadequate treatment for diabetes, do not take the same level of medication as men and are less likely to receive intensive care, "explains Sanne Peters, co-author of the study.

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