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The Russian slider mocks Neymar and her "theater" & # 39; and turns to Twitter

Elizaveta Tuktamísheva sliding star shakes Twitter with his PSG criticism

Design Neymar in an important game for the Champions League between PSG and Liverpool no one ignored, the English themselves complained about the disproportionate Brazilian star performances during the match. And the Russian slider surprised everyone with their ridiculing of the player who has the most expensive transfer in the history of football.

It's about that Elizaveta Tuktamísheva, a star of Russian characters skating through his Twitter was responsible for commenting on his impressions after Neymar threw himself several times into the game.

"I just saw PSG – Liverpool. In my career I fell less on ice than Neymar in 90 minutes", he wrote in his Twitter account. For a person who knows dramatic transitions and turns, it's easy to comment Neymar's theater at the court.

His twitter has caused a lot of earthquakes between support comments and, of course, rejection. After the World Cup in Russia, Neymar has received a lot of criticism from former players because of mischievous or excessive mistakes, even in some stadiums in France, the rivals have used it to always relive them on the same subject.

It is worth mentioning that the 21-year-old skater last October during the Grand Prix in Quebec, Tuktamysheva provoked controversy for her sensual and dazzling dance show, dressed as a stewardess and finally hung a gold medal.

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